Objectives of Benoy Krishna Choudhury Rural Technology Centre

Rural Technology Centre started its journey at the end of 1998 as a nontraditional unit of the University of Burdwan. To pay respect to the memory of Sri Benoy Krishna Choudhury, ex-minister of the Government of West Bengal this unit of the University was renamed as Benoy Krishna Choudhury Rural Technology Centre in the year 2000. Fixing its target towards creation of adequate scope of self-employment for rural youth and for overall socio-economic upliftment of rural Bengal, a number of short-term vocational training programme on Duckery Management, Vermiculture, Cultivation of Aromatic Grass and Plants, Computer Based Office Management, Repairing and Maintenance of Electrical & Electronic Appliances, Mushroom Cultivation etc. were introduced.

Director, Benoy Krishna Choudhury Rural Technology Centre

Prof. Koushik Ghosh
Fish nutrition and gastrointestinal microbiology, characterization and evaluation of probiotic strains and bioinactivation of plant derived antinutrients for formulation of non-conventional carp diets.
Koushik Ghosh
Benoy Krishna Choudhury Rural Technology Centre
The University of Burdwan
Bardhaman - 713104
West Bengal, INDIA.

Activities of Benoy Krishna Choudhury Rural Technology Centre

  1. Organise Workshops on Vermiculture, Soil and Water Testing, cultivation and post-harvest technology of Aeromatic/Medicinal plants
  2. Extension talks on different aspects for community people
  3. Participation in fairs with exhibits/products to create science consciousness
  4. Running of One-Year Post B.Sc. application oriented course in Science for Two years Pass graduates

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