M.Sc. in Chemistry

Degree Offered:
2 Years
Admission Time:
Honours graduates in Chemistry under (10+2+3) system are eligible to apply. Admission based on academic records: 60% weightage on Honours marks, 20% weightage on H.S. marks, 20% weightage on Madhyamik.
Reservation of Seats:
Reservation of Seats : S.C. - 22%, S.T. - 6%, O.U.(Other University) - 5%, P.H. - 3%, Sports Quota - 1 Seat
Guidelines of Conversion of Reserved Seats :
1. A candidate of S.C or S.T is considered eligible if his/her grade marks is not less than 25% of the last selected candidate in the General Category. A candidate of O.U. (Outside University) general category shall be considered eligible for admission if he/she secures higher grade marks than the last selected candidate of the B.U. (Burdwan University) category.
2. In case seats reserved for any one of S.C, S.T category remains vacant for want of eligible candidates, seats will be filled up by the candidates from the other reserved category. If the seats of reserved category remain vacant even after interchanging, as per rules, U.G.C Special Commissioner, S.C & S.T, Minister of Higher Education of the concerned State Government and the Vice Chancellor of the concerned university shall have to be informed. With the permission of one of them, the seats of S.C/S.T Categories remaining vacant after invoking the principle of inter-transferability may be converted to seats under General Category.
3. In absence of eligible P.H. and Sports Quota candidates, seats will be transferred to General Category.

List of Departments/Colleges

Departments/CollegesCourse Hour Total Seats
Department of Chemistry
The University of Burdwan
Golapbag, Bardhaman - 713104
West Bengal, INDIA.
Email   : [email protected]
Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, Burdwan
P.O. - Sripalli, Burdwan, INDIA
Phone : (91)-0342-2646916, 0342-2541208(91)-0342-2646916, 0342-2541208, 9433412008
Email : [email protected], [email protected]