Master of Library and Information Science

Degree Offered:
2 Year
Admission Time:
A) BLIS/B. Lib. Sc./recognised equivalent degree holders of any recognised University, B) Deputed candidates with similiar degree as above working in salaried employment as Librarian/Assistant Librarian in Govt. recognised rural/sponsored/school/college/University libraries are eligible to apply. Admission based on following criteria: For Fresher category: A) 10 point of the percentage of Honours Degree. B) 10 point of the percentage of M.A./M.Sc./M.Com. C) Percentage of total marks in B.L.I.S. Total = A + B + C. For Deputed category : A) 80% of the percentage in B.L.I.S. B) Experience in service: upto 20 points @ per year 2 points. Total = A + B.

List of Departments/Colleges

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Department of Library and Information Science
The University of Burdwan
Golapbag, Bardhaman - 713104
West Bengal, INDIA.
Email   : [email protected]