The University of Burdwan

सा विद्या या विमुक्तये
Learning Leads To Emancipations
Sl. No.Name Telephone/Email EPABX
1.EPABX (Rajbati)0342-2634975 (30 lines)  
2.EPABX (Golapbag)0342-2656566, 2656549, 2558554  
3.EPABX Operator 90, 890 
4.Vice-Chancellor:Prof. Nimai Chandra Saha0342-2634900
[email protected] 
223(R), 225 
5.Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Administration & Academic):Prof. Ashis Kumar Panigrahi0342-2634200
[email protected] 
6.Dean, Faculty Council for PG Studies in Arts, Commerce, Law, Fine Arts & Music:Prof. Ramen Kumar Sar[email protected]  
7.Dean, Faculty Council for PG Studies in Science:Prof. Pabitra Kumar Chakrabarti[email protected]  
8.Registrar:Dr. Debidas Mondal0342-2634015
[email protected] 
284, 296 
9.Joint Registrar:Dr. Debidas Mondal[email protected] 213 
10.Assistant Registrar:Mr. Debmalya Ghosh[email protected] 280 
11.Assistant Registrar:Mr. Subrata Nandi[email protected] 282 
12.System Engineer:Mr. Md. Najimuddin Biswas[email protected] 265 
13.Co-ordinator for SC/ST Cell:Dr. Asima Rez[email protected] 285 
14.Publication Officer:Dr. Santu Ghosh[email protected] 306 
15.Superintendent (Press):Mr. Chandan Pal[email protected] 205 
16.Development Officer:Dr. Indrajit Ray[email protected] 217 
17.Controller of Examinations:Dr. Anindya Jyoti Pal0342-2533262
[email protected] 
233, 240 
18.Joint Controller of Examination:Dr. Rambilash Mahapatra0342-2533262
[email protected] 
19.Deputy Controller of Examination:Dr. Pradip Kumar Roy0342-2533262
[email protected] 
20.Assistant Controller of Examination:Mr. Krishnendu Mazumder0342-2533262
[email protected] 
21.Assistant Controller of Examination0342-2533262
[email protected] 
22.Assistant Controller of Examination[email protected] 236 
23.Finance Officer:Dr. Sougata Chakrabarti0342-2634071
[email protected] 
231(R), 230 
24.Audit and Accounts Officer:Mr. Indra Narayan Ghosh[email protected] 262 
25.Trust Officer:Mr. Debasis Pal[email protected] 272 
26.Accounts Officer:Mr. Sudhabindu Dhar[email protected] 263 
27.Accounts Officer:Mr. Sujan Das[email protected] 221 
28.Accounts Officer:Mr. Susobhan Ghosh[email protected] 259 
29.Inspector of Colleges:Dr. Sujit Kumar Choudhury0342-2533920
[email protected]
[email protected]
30.Deputy Inspector of Colleges0342-2533920
[email protected] 
31.Secretary, Faculty Council (Arts):Mr. Kalyan Kumar Mukhopadhyay9434311886
[email protected] 
32.Secretary, Faculty Council (Science):Mr. Subha Prasad Nandi Majumdar[email protected] 228 
33.Sectrary, Council for UG Studies in Sc., Arts, Commerce, Law, Fine Arts & Music:Mr. Shyamaprosad Dey[email protected] 289 
34.Director (CDOE):Prof. Sourangshu Mukhopadhyay[email protected]  
35.Assistant Director, CDOE (Administration & Examination):Mr. Angshuman Goswami[email protected]  
36.Assistant Director, CDOE (Administration & Accounts):Mr. Nani Gopal Sen[email protected]  
37.University Engineer (Additional Charge):Dr. Arijit Chatterjee[email protected] 257 
38.Assistant Engineer (Civil):Mr. Nirmal Kumar Pal[email protected] 273 
39.Assistant Engineer (Electrical):Mr. Hitendra Nath Ghosh[email protected] 222 
40.Placement and Students Welfare Officer[email protected]  
41.Senior Medical Officer[email protected] 200 
42.Junior Medical Officer:Dr. Santanu Pramanik[email protected] 200 
43.Estate Officer:Dr. Dipendra Nath De[email protected] 216 
44.University Institute of Technology8,77,76,12,99,08,82,01,00,000
[email protected] 
Sl. No.Name Telephone/Email EPABX
1.Arabic : Office[email protected]  
2.Bengali : Office[email protected]  
3.Benoy Krishna Choudhury Rural Technology Centre : Director(RTC) 219 
4.Bio-Technology : Office[email protected]  
5.Botany : Office[email protected]  
6.Botany : Botany - DSA  
7.Business Administration : Office[email protected]  
8.Business Administration (Human Resource) : Office[email protected]  
9.Central Library : Office[email protected]  
10.Central Library : Librarian (Additional Charge)[email protected]  
11.Central Library : Deputy Librarian[email protected]  
12.Central Library : Information Scientist[email protected]  
13.Central Library : Assistant Librarian[email protected]  
14.Central Library : Assistant Librarian[email protected]  
15.Central Library : Deputy Librarian  
16.Chemistry : Office[email protected]  
17.Chemistry : Annex Building  
18.Chemistry : Chemistry - DSA  
19.Commerce : Office[email protected]  
20.Computer Centre : Office[email protected]  
21.Computer Centre : System Manager[email protected]  
22.Computer Centre : Programmer[email protected]  
23.Computer Science : Office[email protected]  
24.Crop Research and Seed Multiplication Farm : Office  
25.Economics : Office[email protected]  
26.Education : Office[email protected]  
27.English : Office[email protected]  
28.Environmental Science : Office[email protected]  
29.Foreign Language : Office[email protected]  
30.Geography : Office[email protected]  
31.Geography : Scientific Officer (Senior Scale)  
32.Geospatial Science : Office[email protected]  
33.Hindi : Office[email protected]  
34.History : Office[email protected]  
35.Law : Office[email protected]  
36.Library and Information Science : Office[email protected]  
37.Lifelong Learning : Office0342-2531885 286 
38.Lifelong Learning : Director (Lifelong Learning) (Additional Charge)0342-2531885
[email protected] 
39.Lifelong Learning : Joint Director (Lifelong Learning)0342-2531885
[email protected] 
40.Lifelong Learning : Assistant Director (Lifelong Learning)0342-2531885
[email protected] 
41.Lifelong Learning : Asst. Director[email protected] 286 
42.Lifelong Learning : Joint Director0342-2531885
[email protected] 
43.Mass Communication : Office[email protected]  
44.Mathematics : Office[email protected]  
45.Meghnad Saha Planetaurium : Office0342-2656470, 8900713675
[email protected] 
46.Microbiology : Office[email protected]  
47.Museum and Art Gallery : Curator 215 
48.National Service Scheme : Co-ordinator, N.S.S. (Additional Chage) 232 
49.Philosophy : Office[email protected]  
50.Physical Education : Office[email protected]  
51.Physics : Office[email protected]  
52.Physics : Laser Laboratory  
53.Physics : M. Tech. (Microwave)[email protected]  
54.Physics : Scientific Officer[email protected]  
55.Physics : Scientific Officer[email protected]  
56.Physics : Scientific Officer[email protected]  
57.Political Science : Office[email protected]  
58.Sanskrit : Office[email protected]  
59.Santali : Office[email protected]  
60.Sociology : Office[email protected]  
61.Sports Board : Sports Officer[email protected] 286 
62.Statistics : Office[email protected]  
63.Tourism Management : Office[email protected]  
64.U.G.C.- Human Resource Development Centre : Office[email protected]  
65.U.G.C.- Human Resource Development Centre : Director(UGC-HRDC) (Additional Charge)[email protected]  
66.University Institute of Technology : Office9476322966
[email protected] 
67.University Institute of Technology : Principal[email protected]  
68.University Science Instrumentation Centre and Central Instrumentation Facility : Electronics Engineer  
69.University Science Instrumentation Centre and Central Instrumentation Facility : Office[email protected]  
70.University Science Instrumentation Centre and Central Instrumentation Facility[email protected]  
71.University Science Instrumentation Centre and Central Instrumentation Facility[email protected]  
72.Womens Studies : Office[email protected]  
73.Yoga Centre : Yoga Instructor 286 
74.Zoology : Office[email protected]  
Sl. No.Name Telephone/Email EPABX
1.Placement and Students Welfare Office : PSW0342-2634900 225 
2.Registrar‘s Department : Registrar‘s Secretariat[email protected] 296 
3.Registrar's Department : Caretaker's Office (Reg.) 229 
4.Registrar's Department : Election & Constitution Unit 246 
5.Registrar's Department : General Stores 203 
6.Registrar's Department : Meeting Section 206 
7.Registrar‘s Department : Museum and Art Gellery[email protected] 215 
8.Registrar‘s Department : General Despatch & Permission Section (Reg.) 245 
9.Registrar‘s Department : Publication Unit (Reg.)[email protected] 276 
10.Registrar's Department : Research Section 208 
11.Registrar's Department : Scholarship Section 201 
12.Registrar's Department : Registration & Migration Section 234 
13.Registrar's Department : Sales & Information Unit 204 
14.Registrar's Department : Selection Committee Unit 254 
15.Registrar‘s Department : P. G. Office (Golapbag)  
16.Registrar‘s Department : Sports Board[email protected] 220 
17.Development Section : Office 214 
18.Controller of Examinations : C E Section0342-2533262
[email protected] 
233, 133 
19.Controller of Examinations : Appointment Section[email protected] 269 
20.Controller of Examinations : A.P. Section[email protected] 237 
21.Controller of Examinations : Result Section[email protected] 248 
22.Controller of Examinations : Review Section[email protected] 251 
23.Controller of Examinations : Remunaration Bill[email protected] 202 
24.Controller of Examinations : Confidential Section 238 
25.Finance : Accounts Section[email protected] 258 
26.Finance : Cash Section[email protected] 270 
27.Finance : Establishment Section (Fin) 288 
28.Finance : P.F. Section 235 
29.Inspector of Colleges : I.C. Office[email protected]  244 
30.Faculty Council of Arts, Commerce, Law, Fine Arts & Music : Office[email protected] 210 
31.Faculty Council of Science : Office[email protected] 241 
32.U. G. Council for Science, Arts, Commerce, Law, Fine Arts & Music : Office[email protected] 264 
33.Directorate of Distance Education : Office[email protected]  
34.Directorate of Distance Education : Systems  
35.Engineering Department : Engg. Dept. Office[email protected] 249 
36.Engineering Department : Electric Office (Rajbati)[email protected] 247 
37.Engineering Department : Electric Office (Golapbag)[email protected]  
38.Engineering Department : Electric Office (Tarabag)  
39.Estate : Car Booking[email protected] 260 
40.Estate : Security Office, Tarabag  
41.Estate : Guard Room (Tarabag)  
42.Estate : Guest House  
43.Estate : Mohanbagan Ground  
44.Estate : Avoykanan Guard Room 239 
45.Estate : Guest House Office (Tarabag)0342-2558260  
46.B.U. Employees Co-operative Credit Society Office 243 
47.P. G. Office (Golapbag)  
48.Superintendent (Ladies Hostel)  
49.University Health Centre 200