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(The University has been accredited with 'Grade A' by NAAC in the year 2016)
सा विद्या या विमुक्तये
Learning Leads To Emancipationc

The Department of Lifelong Learning, earlier known as the Department of Adult Continuing Education and Extension (A C E & E) was started in the year 1980 with total financial assistance and staff support by the University Grants Commission (UGC), New Delhi. The Population Education Resource Centre (PERC) was added to this Department on 1986 like 12 other leading Universities throughout the country with financial assistance from UGC-UNFPA. Additionally the Yoga Centre of the University has been included with the Department since 2001. The basic objective of the Department is to improve the quality of life through enhancement of education, knowledge and life skill development as well as institutionalization of population education in the higher education system in the state. In the line of UGC objectives the Department emphasise on extension and outreach activities through different colleges, government and nongovernment organizations as well as on campus and off campus teaching and research programme.

Since 2010 both A C E & E and PERC jointly renamed as The Department of Lifelong Learning. The Department has been conducting different need based, job oriented, non conventional independent and collaborative teaching programme for different category of students irrespective of their sex, age, and academic qualification since its inception with an objective of extending the scope of lifelong learning, continuing education and extension through university system. The academic programme of the Department are very flexible in nature and specially designed to those persons who are otherwise engaged in relevant profession and in need of specialized training and who are not usually entertained by the traditional academic programme of the university. However, like other institutions this department also has some limitations. Hence this department desires to serve a significant portion of population in the society.

To establish third dimension of Education in the University system by way of organising / conducting various job oriented Continuing Education courses for the higher education dropouts, school dropouts as well as neoliterates, either selffinancing basis or by financial assistance of the University Grants Commission or State Government.

Besides the department also organises talks, training programmes, orientations, workshops, seminars, exhibitions etc. on Agriculturs, Animal Husbandary, Pisciculture, Health & Family Welfare, Alcholism, Drug Abuse AIDS etc. to aware and for updating the people with current development in these field.

Long term objectives
  • To contribute to the realization of India's demographic and health goals which affect the overall development of the country
  • To develop awareness and positive attitude towards population and development issues leading to responsible behaviour among the students and the community at large
  • To develop institutionalized population education reconceptulized in the context of ICPD Programme of Action
Immediate objectives
  • To strengthen the process of institutionalization of population education in the higher education system by creating a supportive environment and providing the required academic infrastructure
  • To increase the understanding and awareness of population and development issues, including gender and reproductive health issues, among students in selected universities and community members served through extension activities
  • To derive maximum benifit from the population education programme through an efficient programme management system

Course NameDegree OfferedDuration
D.M.L.T.2 Years
Diploma1 Year
  1. Training programme for college and university students in Population and Development Education and Adolescence Education
  2. Training programme for college and university students in Population and Development Education and Adolescence Education, AIDS, Sex Education, Drug Abuse, Family Welfare, RCH etc.
  3. Development and integration of Population and Development Education in the syllabus of the existing courses of studies in all the universities in West Bengal.
  4. Development and integration of Population and Development Education specially in the syllabus of B.Ed., M.Ed. and allied courses of studies in all the universities in West Bengal.
  5. Development of material (teaching, learning, A-V, research, etc.)
  6. Conduct research activities specially in the area of Reproductive Child Health, Adolescence Reproductive, and Sexual Health, AIDS, Sex Education, Child Welfare and Immunization, Empowerment and Equity etc.
  7. Telephone/Personal Counselling to the students and youths is another major function of PERC. This programme was initiated since the begining of the Ninth Plan as a priority. Telephone/Personal counseling is done in the areas, such as :
To receive advice over telephone please dial on 0342-2531885 on any working day from 12 Noon to 3 PM. Personal Counselling is done through personal visit.
The Department also undertake various research projects on Reproductive & Child Health, Family Welfare, Nutritional Health Status of Adolescent Girls etc. in collaboration with the Department of Community Medicine, Burdwan Medical College & Hospital and NGOs working in the field of Health and Family Welfare.
The Department often assigned with External Evaluation of various non-formal Education Projects of the State Govt.
Co-ordination with the District Resource Unit (Literacy)
In addition to the above activities the department is involved with the 'Equivalency Programme' of the Zilla Saksharata Samity of the District.

Facilities Available
1. Over-Head Projector
2. Slide Projector
3. Sound System
4. Charts, posters, etc.
5. TV Monitor and VCR
6. Computer with printer and scanner
7. Direct line telephone
8. Fax
9. Photocopier
10. Vehicle
1. Office Room
2. Classroom

Resource Personnel
Usually expert members in the subject are invited for their valuable deliberation in the courses.

Joint DirectorM.S.W.,Ph.D.  
Assistant Director(Lifelong Learning)B.E. (Civil), M.B.A.(IRM), MCM(Dip)  
Yoga InstructorM.P.Ed., D.Y.Ed.  
Department of Lifelong Learning
The University of Burdwan
Rajbati, Bardhaman - 713104
West Bengal, INDIA.
Phone : 0342-2531885
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