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Dr. Partha Chatterjee holding the position of Minister-in-Charge, Higher Education

I am happy to know that The University of Burdwan, the second largest University of West bengal, is launching its new website. In recent years The University of Burdwan has been a great beneficiary of various developmental assistance of the Govt. of West Bengal to institutions of higher education of our state.

The new website, I have been told, is aimed at both projecting the existing facilities and recent developments to a large web audience. For teachers, students and other users of the university, the website will increase their accessibility to the domain of knowledge lying beyond their immediate precincts.

I appreciate the initiative taken by the Vice Chancellor in utilizing all the available opportunities for extending the horizon of higher education, thus empowering our youth to meet the global challenges.

I wish the launching of the new website by the University of Burdwan a grand success.

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